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expert adwords
expert adwords
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logo (SAI) solutions affaires internet
logo (SAI) solutions affaires internet
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Optimizing a Google Adwords campaign can appear rather simple, but think again!

Increasing his CPC (cost by click) to have more clicks or to have the same clicks as before because the CPC increased has nothing to do with an optimization of Google Adwords campaign.

The optimization of a campaign adwords can prove itself extremely complex and difficult, and usually causes a harsh migraine to the optimizer.

Let's not forget especially what's one wants to say here with the word "optimization " in the case of a campaign Adwords.

The goal of the optimization is to have a better performance of our advertising campaign Adwords.

- A less high CPC or more performance
- A more high CTR (click rate / impression)
- A more targeted visitor
- A very high ROI (return on investment)...

In fact what we wants is more clicks (of high quality of course) for the same budget or less than clicks for the same budget with a higher ROI . But here is the "catch" ! How?

First, take some Tylenol or Advil before undertaking the optimization journey, you will strongly need some...!

You relax and follow these simple steps in order to optimize your Google Adwords campaign...

That maybe can appear contradictory, but the goal of the optimization is not to increase the clicks on the ads and to pay our clicks 0.05 $ with a budget of 20.00 $ a day and to have 400 clicks a day...and it is here that most of the people and even certain specialists plant are wrong .

The ROI. The importance of an advertising adwords campaign is the famous phrase I hear from customers " how much does that costs". ?


Many people are happy with 0.05 $ clicks that retrieve them 2.00 $ a day with a budget of 20.00 $ which gives a rather bad ROI, but they are on internet and they are happy with that.

Some others, on the other hand, have 5.00 $ clicks with a budget of 2 000.00 $ a day that retrieve them 3 000.00 $ a day! That this is a well optimized campaign.

I do not say you that it is necessary to have a budget of 2 000.00 $ a day to succeed an advertising campaign Adwords, I only wanted to show the differences between the two.

You can very well succeed your campaign Adwords with a budget of 20.00 $ a day or same with a budget of 5 to 10.00 $ a day.

The important is always and will be always your ROI

A need...

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Natural Google SEO
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Google paying positionning
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(SAI) Business Internet Solutions
Expert in Internet solutions and partner of your success!

Your SOLUTION regarding internet marketing!

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Mesothelioma, the most expensive keyword in the world?

According to the Webrankinfo forum which relates a new found from the Washington Times, the most expensive keyword would be Mesothelioma, that designates a cancer of the pleura caused by an extended exposition to asbestos.

The cause of all this ramdam? The American lawyers that fight to attract at their place the patients suffering of this cancer. The bids on "Overture" (Yahoo) for Mesothelioma can be as high as 160 $ the click to this day, which is all simply huge one! It is also important to specify that more than 40 different bids are present. By way of comparison, one will recall that in France a bid to 4 or 5€ click is really a maximum.

At the same time, you can take a look at the search results of "Mesothelioma" on Google, there are more than 7 million search results counts, that is a very very competitive domain, for a request search, I imagine, not so searched by American websurfers.

That is a perfect illustration of the power of the sponsored links. One can define his cost by click according to the profit that one can pull from a prospect transformed in customer. And when you think that US lawyers are able to extract millions of dollars in damages to a victim of Mesothelioma and they take a commission of a few tens percents, we can better understand the enthusiasm for this keyword and this level of auction..


The eye-tracking identifies the golden triangle of Google

Relayed on Webrankinfo, an American study (source: mentions an ergonomic study through eye-tracking on a Google results page.
The study shows that to obtain an increased visibility on Google , it is necessary to find yourself in the left superior corner of the results (nothing revolutionary nevertheless: results rather faithful to other studies besides). Not too much to say, two possibilities to attain this zone:

1/ try to get an excellent referencing to find itself on the 1st or 2nd position of the natural results;

2/ buy Google Adwords with higher bids than your competitors and get higher CTR on other campaigns.

The paper provides, and that is particularly interesting, the visibility for each of the positions occupied on the result page:

- 100% of visibility for the rows 1, 2 and 3
- 85% for the row 4
- 50% to 60% for the rows 5 to 7


Improve his ROI!

Are your keywords and the texts of your ads pertinent to the content of your landing page ?

Do the conception of your site as well as its presentation and its functionalities make it easy for the surfers ?

Well determine your goals with your Adwords campaign and you can then determine the different optimization strategies apply..

Need a helping hand to create your Google Internet advertising campaign or simply some to do optimization ?


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